PATUREL BAR-TURNING - Manufacturer of precision technical parts

From 1889 to the present day

Evolution of the company : from watchmaking to bar turning


Company bought by Jean-Yves PATUREL, son of Jean-Claude.
Objective: to ensure the continued existence of the family business.


Machining facilitiesThe 5th generation takes charge of the company, enabling us to continue investing in more efficient production means (CNC machines), developing our business and improving client satisfaction.


The company acquires a veritable savoir-faire and invests in a set of modern, CNC machines. In 1989 the company becomes Jean Claude PATUREL S.A.


Atelier de l'époqueTo surmount the crisis in watch making, the company orients itself towards precision turning. Work ethic and strong company traditions enable us to develop an efficient industry. The foundation for renewed expansion is laid.

With the post-war watch making crisis behind them, the company begins its reconversion to precision turning and machining and invests in CNC, widening its knowledge base of traditional and high-precision turning.


Evolution de l'entrepriseThe DEPERY-PATUREL company is created at the heart of the Arve Valley in Scionzier, the company is specialized in the watch making industry.