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Manufacturer of parts for themedical sector

Expert in manufacturing for health and surgery, PATUREL DECOLLETAGE is dedicated to meeting the complex needs of the health sector, medical and dental care, as well as reconstructive surgery, by providing high-precision microtechnical parts. Our commitment to excellence and precision supports innovations in medical devices, thus contributing to improving the quality of care and treatments offered to patients.


We specialize in manufacturing through swiss turning and machining for the medical device industry, using advanced processes to work with highly specific materials such as titanium and implantable 316L stainless steel. Our technical expertise enables us to produce reliable and durable medical components, which meet the strictest standards of biocompatibility and performance.

Fields of application, type of parts produced

Our manufacturing range covers a variety of essential components for the medical sector, including but not limited to:
  • Spine prostheses
  • Insulin pumps
  • Elbow implants
  • Clavicle implants
  • Pins / Bone screws
Each piece is designed with the utmost care, to ensure not only the safety of patients but also the effectiveness of treatments and surgical interventions.
Fabricant de pièces microtechniques pour le secteur médical, des soins médicaux et dentaires ainsi que de la chirurgie réparatrice
Certifications : ISO 9001 - NF EN 9100 - ISO 13485 - ISO 14001

Subcontracting Medical

Consult us for your needs for turned parts or machined parts from Ø 1 to 71 mm in bars and Ø 130 mm on mandrel.


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